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BOBI the puppy

Bobi is OOAK. He has been entirely designed and hand crafted by myself. I always sew my creations by hand in a smoke free environment, using my own original designs.

MEASURES: about 30 cm from nose end to bottom and about 28 cm from the top of his head to the floor.

MATERIALS: Bobi was made using very long (85mm) Schulte mohair fabrics in black and white.


FEATURES: The muzzle area has been needle felted and mohair has been rooted in securely. 
Eyes are of German glass. I sculpted his nose with polymer clay.
Extensive scissor sculpting has been done to bring out Bobi’s sweet features. Shading was done with oils.
JOINTING & POSING: Bobi is four ways cotter pin jointed (legs). He does not have a neck joint. A wiring goes from head to tail enabling him to look up, down or sideways in a very natural way. All four legs are wired. Also his little tail has a thin wiring.
Bobi has been stuffed with wool and encased white granulate for some added weight.


Bobi owns a blue felt embroidered bone and always travels with his birth certificate made in matching style and materials.

BOBI is a collector item not suitable for children. This creation is meant for display and not as a toy.


Adoption fee:   295.00 US Dollars 





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