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About me

My name is Francesca Boretti.

I'm Italian but I live in Switzerland since 2010.
I've always enjoyed creating, and through the years I have experimented in several crafts: papier mache', cross stitch, embroidery, mosaic, découpage, fabric painting, polymer clay sculpture....just to name a few.


How it all began...
In 2004 I was able to finally convince a dear friend to teach me the basics to make a jointed teddy bear. That was the beginning of a passion that I think, and hope, will fuel my creative life for many years to come.


All through 2004 and 2005 I worked hard at this new found hobby. My main goal was to develop my own designs. My learning experience was a very solitary one, as nobody in my friends circle had any knowledge or experience of the teddy bear world. Trial and error was the everyday approach, and I must say that I enjoyed every minute of it, even if it meant many many errors and few results! :-)


In 2006 my first son Pietro was born, and my teddy bear passion was put aside in favor of intensive cross stitching and baby caring. Then in 2008 my son Fabio was born...and the teddies again waited patiently for their turn.
It finally came in 2011, and I must thank my eldest son that at five kept making all sorts of questions about the cute teddies that sat on the shelf, and "can you make me one for my birthday mummy?".


A new phase: the birth of KALEideaSCOPE
I went back to designing and creating with renewed enthusiasm and started selling my creations with the business name of KALEideaSCOPE...a kaleidoscope of ideas!

Since then my technique and my designs have gone through great changes and improvement. Through the years my craft has developed, incorporating new techniques such as needle felting and polymer clay sculpting. 

I must say that the internet, and the possibility it gives us soft sculpture artisans to share ideas and seek inspiration has been  an important factor.


Hobby or job?

And here I am. I am lucky. I have two great kids, my husband supports my crafting whims... I have a great passion.

When people ask me if this is a hobby or a part time job, I answer...


it is a full time obsession!

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