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Frequently Asked Questions



Where can I find your creations for adoption?

As soon as I have a creation available, I auction it on eBay. Sometimes I add a 'buy it now' option to the auction, but not as a rule.

The most reliable way to know when a new creation is auctioned is to subscribe to my mailing list. 




Occasionally I decide to set a fixed price adoption. In that case I inform my subscribers and promote the listing on Facebook.


How much is the adoption fee for one of your creations?

Most of my creations are auctioned, therefore there is no fixed price. I set a starting price, which is also my reserve price, meaning the minimum amount I'm willing to accept for that creation. I determine the reserve price basically depending on the amount of time my creation took to be designed and crafted and the materials I have used.

To have a better idea, please check my gallery. All past creations are still displayed with the adoption fee.


Do you offer layaway?

Yes, I offer layaway options. I recommend to contact me for further details if a layaway plan is needed.

Do you accept commissions?

No. I have limited time to work on my creations. A project takes many hours to be completed making it so that I do not make many creations each year (about 12 all considered...). I prefer to devote the little time I have to follow my own inspiration and create what I really want to.


Will you ever make another creation like...?

Probably not. I like to try new things. I might find a particular animal fascinating and do several pieces on the subject, but I will not try to make a copy of a previous creation. I wouldn't be able to even if I tried. That is what makes my creations One Of A Kind.


Do you sell your patterns?

No. I'm very proud and very jealous of my designing achievements. Although it is not exclusively the pattern that makes a creation unique, I wouldn't want to see my patterns and my personal developements used by somebody else. Even for money.


What technique did you use to...?

Yes, I'm jealous of my patterns but I'm very generous when it comes to sharing information about the techniques I have used on my creations. I love to share info about this with fellow artisans and I happily digress about crafting techniques.

Please, check my 'About my craft' page.

I have also done a few tutorials about particular techniques I have used in the past. They are still visible on my blog.


Do you do swaps with other creations or other items?

No I don't.


Do YOU have more questions?

Please, feel free to ask!















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