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VLADIMIR is OOAK. He has been entirely designed and hand crafted by myself. 


MEASURES: Vladimir measures 7 inches (19 cm).


MATERIALS: I have made him using a 23mm hedgehog mohair from Schulte for the spiky part, and a 16 mm white Helmbold mohair for his belly and legs. Inner ears are of ultra suede.


FEATURES: Vladimir has German glass eyes, a polymer clay sculpted nose and a needle felted face. His V-shaped hairline has been patiently obtained through mohair rooting into the needle felted forehead. 
Legs, face and inner ears are oil shaded.


JOINTING&POSING: Vladimir has an internal body wiring that gives him a wide range of posing possibilities, enabling his head to move up and down, and his body to partially fold. Also his arms are wired and can be bended.
Vladimir is four ways cotter pin jointed (arms and legs) and stuffed with wool and encased mica granules that give him some nice added weight.

Vladimir owns a pile of felt autumn leaves that I specially made for him. They come in handy when he goes into hibernation, as all hedgehogs do before the winter! He also always travels with his birth certificate, made in matching materials.


VLADIMIR is a collector item not suitable for children. This creation is meant for display and not as a toy. 


Vladimir won second place

 in the URSA AWARDS 2013 competition

'Animal Kingdom' category



Adoption fee:   200.00 US Dollars 





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