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Maine coon kitten XENA



XENA is OOAK. She has been entirely designed and hand crafted by myself in a smoke free house. Many hours of patient work have gone into the conception and creation of this cat.

MEASURES: 15.5 inches (about 40 cm) from nose tip to rear end. The tail measures about 14 inches (36cm).

MATERIALS: high quality faux fur. Polyfil for the stuffing, with an addition of enclosed glass pellets for added weight. Ultra suede for the inner ears, horse hair for the whiskers.

FEATURES: Xena has a lightweight polymer clay sculpted head on which fur has been firmly attached. Her eyes are of transparent German glass that I hand painted in tones of green and gold. Her paw pads have been sculpted from polymer clay and layer painted, for a very realistic effect.
Extensive scissor sculpting and shading have been done to body and face, to bring out the typical feline features and the striking tortoiseshell and silver coloring. I have left longer tufts of fur in the paw pad area: that is not an oversight. I have given my little one the typical endearing and funny Maine coon paws.

JOINTING and POSING: Xena’s body has been designed with no joints. All four limbs are a whole with the body. She has an internal padded wire frame that goes from head to back, and from there to all four legs. The tail is also wired.
Thanks to these features Xena can be gently arranged in many different and realistic positions. Her paws can be delicately curved to give them a natural pose.

Xena owns an embroidered felt mat also hand crafted by myself.

As with all my creations, Xena comes to you with a specially embroidered felt birth certificate made in matching style and materials. 

XENA is a collector item not suitable for children. This creation is meant for display and not as a toy. 

Adoption fee:   850.00 US Dollars





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